Coins of the Ancients The Goetia Demons 80 metal coins

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80 Goetia demon metal coins

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Demon coins of the Goetia

Full set of 80 metal coins with all 72 Goetia demons plus the 8 demons that have an alternate seal, includes a velvet pouch and a pocket guide.

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The coins are cast in a durable and wear resistant zinc alloy with an antique finish to enhance the detail.
They are 2 sided and are about 22mm in diameter and vary in thickness from 1.5mm to over 2mm , they are slightly smaller in diameter than a US quarter coin and are made from a durable zinc alloy and have been designed and finished to appear thousands of years old.
The front has the demon sigil and the coin back has the demon’s name and number as listed in “The Lesser Key of Solomon” book. There is also the demons Hebrew initial.


A pocket sized guide to your talismans with images and descriptions of their powers is included so you can readily identify your coins. Since there is 72 demons the guide had to be in 2 volumes of over 40 pages each. They are pocket sized (3.5 X 3.5 inches) so they can be easily carried together with your coins.
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